October Horoscopes 2019

October Horoscopes 2019

Aries & Aries Rising


How can you heal your impulse to always take action?

As the first sign in the zodiac, metaphorically you are the first one out the door - the go getter, the doer, the leader of the pact. With a large amount of planets over taking your sign’s opposite this month, Libra, the universe is asking you to soften and lean into what your loved ones can teach you about experiencing life. No matter what is going on right now, chances are you are finding yourself in situations that you can’t control with action - this likely leaves you feeling helpless and uncomfortable. This month is all about healing any tendencies you may have that keep you from processing what is going on in your life. Look at it this way, when you take action, you are actually just redirecting. What happens when you can’t fix something through doing?

At this point, you have two choices… you can get caught up in the fact that you are out of your comfort zone and put all your energy into what you can’t change or you can soften and accept that you can’t always fix everything. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just show up, be supportive and find the beauty in that. Feels uncomfortable right? That’s how we know there’s some healing work to do. Lean into this goal now so that by the end of the month you can be more “you”  in those vulnerable moments where your realness is looked for and needed.

Taurus & Taurus Rising


How can you bring some simplicity back into your everyday life?

One of the main evolutionary goals of a Taurus is to learn how to simplify, breathe and learn to  be able to step back from some of the complexities that come with being human. How often do you find your mind or even  yourself in general racing and making things harder than they need to be?

This month, you are being asked to bring some balance back into your everyday life. After a few months of dealing with busy schedules, a never ending to do list, really anything crazy that life has thrown your way, it is time for you to find ways to bring harmony back into the picture. Re-evaluate how you are showing up everyday, make time to pause and be sure to create some time for the things that truly matter to you.

Gemini & Gemini Rising


How can working with other people keep me accountable towards my goals?

With fall officially in full swing, Libra season is lining you up with the perfect opportunity to lean on others to bring some creative goals you may have to life. As a Gemini, it can be easy for you to be pulled into something new and be all about it, but what happens when the newness wears off? How many new things have you started but never finished because you got pulled in another direction.

Creative goals don’t necessarily have to deal with art - Ask yourself this, where in your life are you looking to make a change? Is there a project you want to start? A new routine you want to implement? Perhaps there is something you’ve been itching to do because of how it will help you grow into the next level of yourself? Our “art” is all about tapping into how we can better express ourselves in the world. Share your goal with someone who can hold you accountable so they can help you tackle your biggest challenge with starting something new - not going all in so fast that you get bored. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising


How is the universe asking you to share just a little more of who you are?

Have you ever noticed that you show up as one version of yourself when you feel your most comfortable and as another person when you are outside of your comfort zone? It’s not hard to see why Cancer is represented by the crab… it comes out when it feels safe and retreats when it feels threatened. How is this habit playing out in your life right now? Have you been feeling exhausted from not knowing what boundaries to implement where? Are you feeling ready to step out in a new way, or step back in another?

This month, the universe is asking you to evaluate the way you are showing up in all areas of your life and find a new balance. Will stepping out in a bolder way be the answer you’ve been looking for to finally tackle your “wish I would have said” or “wish I would have done” moments? While it’s hard to be vulnerable, with every small step you take, you gain just a little more confidence. Alternatively, is your life at home leaving you feeling burnt out and exhausted? Maybe it’s time to lean back and rely on your loved ones to carry the torch for a while and create that harmony and flow you shoulder most of the time. How do you know what place needs the most work? Ask your yourself this, where I am I ready to shine vs where am I ready to retreat back into my shell?

Leo & Leo Rising


Where can I expand my mind to help me gain a better perspective on my life and better relate to the people around me?

In astrology, Leo is represented by the sun - the center of our solar system, the brightest light in the sky… you get the picture. As someone with this type of energy, it can feel quite noticeable when you start to feel like your “light” is dimming or that the people around you are straying from your orbit. So how do you keep your momentum (or even get it back)? The beginning of this month is all about following your curiosity so that you can expand your horizons and move past any concerns you might have about how you relate to people both now and in the future. By expanding your perspective - reading about new ways of thinking about things, hearing different opinions on important matters, discovering new hobbies - you will find the importance of understanding others’ point of view and how it can help you not only better relate to others, but build confidence around what you know to be true and in how you show up for the world and the people around you.

By the full moon on the 13th, you will be feeling confident with what you can bring to the “metaphorical” table and can retreat back to autopilot for a while.

Virgo & Virgo Rising


In the vision you set of your life and where you want to be right now, where are you willing to put in the work and where can make peace with where you are at?

Heavy on your mind right now, Virgo, is the idea that to have a beautiful life it needs to look a certain way  to make you feel you are offering something of value, to give you a sense of security and to feel that all of your needs are being met - in every sense of the word. But how can we find a balance between the idea of a life that feels and looks “aesthetically” pleasing verses where we are actually willing to get vulnerable and do that work that it takes to make it happen?

With the sky heavy with Libra energy, it’s a good time to remember that the key here is balance and realizing that you can’t do it all at once.Where can you give energy to what you really want to do right now and where can you press pause, at least for now? When you answer that question, take it and run with it!

Libra  & Libra Rising


How can I be more myself?

It’s not just in your head, there is a new pulse in the universe right now and it’s screaming “Libra”!  After a few months of heavier energy, it’s the perfect time for you to re-calibrate, refocus and reintroduce yourself to the world! For the last few months, it is likely you’ve not only been dealing with some stress from your career and personal life, you’ve also been trying to tame a tough inner critic and some over the top negative self talk. 

In astrology, Libra is all about beauty, balance and creating harmony and when you look back at the last few months of your life, have you been encouraging any of that within yourself or experiencing it in the world around you? Right now, make a promise to yourself to take action - only you know what those things mean to you and only you have the power to reintegrate them back to life… the only thing holding you back from feeling like yourself again, is you!

As the month progresses and you are feeling like yourself again, do a quick check in to see how you are showing up in your relationships - true authenticity comes from not only walking the talk but also making sure that you are surrounded by people who embrace you for who you are!

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising


How have the people you surround yourself with been contributing to negative self talk or feeling at odds with being who you are and standing up for yourself?

Have you been finding yourself in situations where the people you are interacting with are leaving you feeling a little drained, out of balance or triggered into some self criticism? With so many planets in Libra right now, you might find yourself at a loss for words and unable to break the “metaphorical” harmony as you try to make sense of the energy people are sending toward you and the way they are making you feel. No one likes to rock the boat, but as the month moves forward, see where you can embrace leaning into how you can better express yourself to these people so that you aren’t spending your time afterwards wondering how you could have handled a situation differently or beating yourself up about something you did or didn’t do.

As Scorpio season nears, continue this theme forward by going inward and seeing how you can create some harmony and balance around the thoughts you think about yourself… is your inner critic one of the negative people you are giving energy to? Rediscover what makes you beautiful (both inside and out) and bring your negative self talk back into balance so that when the sun enters into your sign at the end of the month, there’s a rebirth really worth celebrating!

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising


How can you make the most of both your professional and private life without feeling like you’re missing out on one?

With all of the Libra energy in the universe right now hitting your career house, it’s likely you are craving some work life balance. Lately you’ve been feeling a lot of pressure to be in two places at once, but what is more important in life, doing the things you want to do with the people you want to do them with or the job that helps give you the security to keep those other aspects of your life going? Here is something for you to consider, perhaps the pressure you have been feeling around both is all stemming from you believing you need to choose one over the other or allowing yourself to feel guilty for not giving one of these things your all?

Libra is all about harmony and part of being in harmony is recognizing that sometimes one aspect of our life requires more energy than others… but eventually, it evens out. Try to spend this month focusing on being present in where you are at when you are there and don’t demand to yourself that you have it all figured out. As time moves on, give yourself permission to look for the positives from all angles and you just might find the real secret to work life balance. When we focus on what we are missing out on, we are setting ourselves behind in where we are currently at… won’t you get more done at work if you aren’t worrying about not being where you want to be? Won’t you enjoy your time doing what means the most to you when you aren’t worried about getting something done at work? Think about it.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising


What do I believe in and how can my curiosity expand it?

As a Capricorn, it’s likely you have a very clear idea of what you believe in, what you stand for and how you expect life to flow. Lately however, you may be craving to expand your perspective, see the other side of things and explore something new. The beauty of being open to learning that there are two sides to things means that you are about to open a door to a more fulfilling life all around.

With the south node currently hanging out in Capricorn, the universe is asking you to answer the call and step up the way you show up for others. What better way is there to connect to people than by having a better understanding of what makes them tick? Take this month to explore the idea that not everything is black and white, that by embracing what makes people different we create balance all around. By expanding your knowledge around different perspectives and ways of living, you may just find that you can up-level your life in all areas - within how your relationships function, how you work, how you express yourself and how you reach your goals.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising


What deserves my “yes” and what deserves my no”?

Are you tired of having to take care of adult matters out of necessity instead of putting your energy and resources towards what you actually want? Who really wants to spend money on a car repair when you have been dying to take a much needed vacation? This month, it’s time to finally take charge and start planning ahead, for everything that you want but also for those times of need. So how do you make both a priority? As with everything in life, there’s always a way to compromise. What is really worth splurging on vs buying generic? Have you ever heard of the latte factor? Where do you feel obligated to show up vs where do you actually want to be? For every yes you give, your giving a no to something else. 

While it can be hard to make changes, to the way you are used to functioning, it is important to remember that making changes takes time and effort. By the full moon on the 13th, you’ll be feeling much more in your comfort zone and ready to move ahead with this logic full steam!

Pisces & Pisces Rising


How can I share my perspective and be open to others?

Right on the surface you are feeling the call to stand your ground, share your truth and step out into the world with confidence, but you also recognize that thinking about something and actually following through with it are two completely different things. Are the people within your inner circle really understanding where you are coming from or are you getting hung up on the fact that maybe you’ve done something “wrong” because they aren’t connecting the dots to why you are making the choices you are making or wanting the things you are wanting?

As someone who doesn’t typically like confrontation, it can be uncomfortable wanting so badly to step out of your comfort zone yet being afraid to rock the boat. This month, let the word perspective be your mantra. While your people share their opinions, they are only offering perspective. You have permission to do the same back, other people’s opinions are not facts. Find middle ground by believing in yourself and what you deserve while also honoring that the people who are sharing their viewpoint with you really think their thoughts and actions are filled with love. They will share their thoughts, it’s only fair you do the same - and that’s what Libra season is all about - equality.

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Here’s to a great October!!



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