August 2019: Let's own who we are (New moon in Leo) <3

August 2019: Let's own who we are (New moon in Leo) <3

Happy August!

Here we are in the freshness of Leo season and I am loving it! Leo, the sign of the sun itself, always comes in with this sense of confidence that urges you to step out and be fierce. After a month of self care, reflection, rejuvenation and reconnection with the self, I challenge all of us to be our own sunrise and OWN IT! You are a light, let it shine!

My favorite thing about astrology...

In the spirit of owning who we are, I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about the word “alignment” and how I really need to get back into it. Have you ever hit a point where you realized that your life has become inundated with the messages and thoughts of the people you surround yourself with or follow on social media? I don’t know if this is the NSale (thanks Nordstrom) talking, but my major “A HAH” moment happened as I was loading my cart full of clothes that I saw influencers so excited about and realized that they weren’t really a “hell yes” in my heart. When did I get so out of touch with myself? 

“Real” astrology complete with birth chart readings and individualized horoscopes are so fascinating in the fact that they serve quite literally as a guidebook on how to live your most fulfilled life. What could be more aligned than that? 

To get reconnected with myself, I spent some time revisiting my own chart and could easily see where I let myself stray. It’s no wonder life has been feeling a little overwhelming and somewhat dull, I haven’t been challenging myself in the way I need to be challenged or living aligned to my values, something that as a Taurus moon is a necessity. I crave simplicity- while I enjoy nice quality things, shopping the Nsale for new clothing didn’t quite fit in with the capsule wardrobe I have worked to build over the last year.. And something that I might add has taken so much stress out of my life. I value spending time in nature and I couldn’t remember the last time I went for a hike! Lastly, movement. My body needs to move and that is something that pregnancy challenges everyday.. but what it doesn’t dictate is how I move. Movement is movement. 

By taking the time to reconnect with my little life map, I was able to completely revamp the way I am living life and I am committed to really owning it. This means I:

  • Unfollowed anyone that doesn’t align with my vision of life

  • Cleared out the clutter and minimized my entire house (nesting is real!)

  • Invested in resources to help me fall in love with everything that makes me me!

How are you going to own who you are this month and wear it with confidence?

New Moon: July 31 in Leo


There is a common belief that we are the sum of the people we spend most of our time with, and while there is some truth in that, isn’t it safe to say that the people we spend our time with are drawn to us because of who and how we are? If we are truly living life as ourselves then that should most definitely be the case, but the question then becomes, but have you?

Leo, the sign of the sun itself, is all about living your life in a way that makes you shine. While not all of us have a sun in Leo, we all have parts of us that when we let them be witnessed, make us feel alive and vibrant. Those parts are what this Leo new moon is all about.

This month, take a look at the relationships in which you find yourself an active part of and ask yourself - does the person I show up as here reflect who I really am? If not then, it might be time to figure out why.  Does being yourself make you insecure with this person or group of people? Is it possible you have outgrown them? 

Now is the time to honor yourself and work to curate a group of people around you that don’t dull your light, but hold one up to help you shine brighter.

Here’s to making this our best month yet!



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