Horoscopes: The good, the bad and the facts!

Horoscopes: The good, the bad and the facts!

Horoscopes: The good, the bad and the facts!

Oh horoscopes! If one thing were to single handedly create the downfall of astrology, it would be sun sign astrology. Don’t get me wrong, it holds value for what it does but it is important to know that it is a very simple and generalized representation of you.

You are a multifaceted person….

In astrology, your sun sign represents who you are at your core, but every other planet also plays a role in the greater picture of you too! As if things weren’t complex enough, the placement of each planet and the angles they are making from each other adds another layer to take into consideration. As a point of reference, it is very uncommon to find someone who has the same exact birth chart as you! In fact, I am a twin and we don’t even have the same chart.

So what does that mean?

Sun sign astrology, what the horoscopes you often read are typically written from, look at the current placement of the sun during the day and/or month being examined and constructs “predictions” based off the angles that planets are making from each other along with their placement within the chart itself. Out of all of the planets in the sky, again this is only taking into account 1/12 of the greater picture of who you!


So what does that mean for horoscopes and why do I write them?

I am a firm believer that any guidance can be helpful when we choose to use it to make the most of the opportunities that come our way. In order to take advantage of sun sign astrology, I recommend keeping these few things in mind...

Astrology is a language and its message is a representation of the person that is translating it for you. If you find the messages continuously misrepresenting you, maybe you just haven’t found the right translator yet!

For more accuracy, read the horoscopes for your sun sign, your moon sign and your rising sign…. If you don’t know what those are, hit reply and I will help you find that out!

What’s “predicted to happen” most likely does happen… just not how you assume it will. Imagine reading a horoscope that tells you that you will experience some changes in your career and your mind immediately jumps to losing your job! Does that have a possibility of happening? Technically yes, but so can any of the following things: you receive a promotion, you are given new responsibilities, you internally note that this job is no longer serving you and it might be time to find something else, you have a side passion you have been dying to pursue but dismiss it to stay where you are….. All of these constitute as “changes in your career” and are equally important. Changing jobs is just as significant as you mentally dismissing a possibility. The entire trajectory of your life just may be different because of that thought.

For the most accurate horoscope, an astrologer can look at your birth chart and compare the location of the planets the moment you were born to where they are currently. Since we don’t always have the ability to do that, a general horoscope provides a nice and convenient way to stay in the know and be aware of the potential that the month ahead holds.

Hope this helps!



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