Full Moon in Aquarius - August 2019

Full Moon in Aquarius - August 2019

Let it go, let it go… let it go…

With the new moon Leo energy we were feeling earlier this month encouraging us to evaluate what level we can show up as ourselves in our relationships, this full moon is really about getting in touch with what it means to show up as our authentic self.

New Moon Leo (1).png

Right now, it is time for you to recognize the roles that fit you and the ones that don’t and make peace with what is no longer working… regardless of how that may change a relationship.  Again, the long term goal here is to be able to surround yourself with a network of close people that lift YOU up for being YOU! Besides, who’s to say that by you stepping up and sharing how you’ve grown doesn’t ….

  1. Encourage others to do the same

  2. Allow your relationships to grow for the better

  3. Call in new, more aligned, people for you to welcome into your life

During this time, you may find yourself stepping back for some self discovery in order to truly see yourself as the individual person that you are… from there, it will be much easier to resurface back into your relationships with integrity.

Looking for ways to reconnect with you’re authentic self?

  • Pay attention to where following your heart takes you - Grab a journal and free write about what grabs your attention, when do you feel most alive, where do your interests lie, what you value most…

  • Make a list of all of your favorite qualities about yourself then ask your loved ones what their favorite things about you are - if you don’t agree, perhaps this can be a sign that you are hiding your true self

  • Do something you’ve been craving to do - if you’ve been longing to do it, chances are it might give you a nice glimpse into a part of yourself worth acknowledging

  • Listen to your body - your gut/heart never steers you wrong!

  • Spend some time alone - a walk in nature, meditating.. whatever works for you! Just make it quiet enough to listen! My inner voice comes out most when I take a walk sans headphones!

At the end of the day, remember that strong relationships, whether it be with your significant other, family or close friends, should give you the freedom to have a space where you can truly be yourself without feeling judged.

Here’s to truly shining my friends!



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