September Horoscopes 2019

September Horoscopes 2019

Aries & Aries Rising


How can you get your life back in order?

Isn’t it funny how sometimes just getting back into the swing of normal everyday life can feel like the greatest thing that has ever happened? While it’s fun to expect the unexpected, sometimes consistency and routine are exactly what the doctor ordered… even if it doesn’t sound the least bit fun or exciting.

This month, take some time to reconnect with taking care of yourself in the most basic ways possible. Establish, or maybe even start for the first time, a daily routine. How have your eating habits been lately? Have you been moving your body in a way that makes you feel vibrant and alive? To get back into a fresh frame of mind, it’s time to buckle up and put in the work it takes. They say a routine takes 21 days to establish… September is the perfect time to make that happen! Make a “dream list” of everything you want to become non-negotiables in your life and get to business!

Taurus & Taurus Rising


How can you have fun, while still being productive?

There’s a lot going on for you right now, Taurus, and burnout may be waving hello to you just over the horizon. While you recognize that now isn’t the time to relax and check out, it wouldn’t hurt to find a way to integrate some fun into your everyday life. When you were little, what was your least favorite thing to do? Did you hate going to the grocery store with your mom or dad? Chances are, you still found a way to occupy yourself and have a little of the “f word”.

As you are going through the motions of responsibility, see how you might be able to wake up your inner child and make it a little more exciting. Is there a way to let your creativity come out? How can you spice it up in a way that will encourage productivity? It may take some playing around, no pun intended, to find what works, but it will be worth it when you are able to look at your to do list and feel energized to take it on!

Gemini & Gemini Rising


How can you find pleasure in creating a routine?

In the spirit of “back to school season” you too might be craving a little more structure to your everyday life… but as someone who thrives on variety, the word structure can sound quite limiting. This month is all about discovering how living in a routine can really offer you more freedom than you ever could have imagined, while still ensuring you are getting everything you need to done.When we plan ahead, we are actually creating space for the things that matter most to us and ensuring we follow through.

By the middle of the month, you may find yourself losing focus and getting back into the no-routine routine you had before- use the time to find a balance between both extremes and take pride in the fact that you are making changes for the better! Don’t be too hard on yourself, learning something new takes practice.

Cancer & Cancer Rising


How can I better serve my family?

With back to school season in full swing, you may just find that everyone is getting back into the grind of everyday life. This month, take advantage of the motivation you are feeling towards simplifying your home and family life. Have you been feeling called to re-organize? How about getting back into the routine of meal planning and prepping? Maybe it’s time to try both of these things for the first time!

Go into this month with the intention of steam lining the processes of your home life and you may just find that you gain the extra family and relaxation time you have been craving for a while now. Have you ever heard the phrase “proper prior planning prevents poor performance?”... when everything is organized and prepared, you will find a new freedom that not only leaves you time to spend doing the things you love with the people you love, but that also everything that needs to get done, that didn’t always used to or was completed with half effort, is done with care and precision!

Leo & Leo Rising


How can I refine my values to bring a new sense of security into my life?

Have you been feeling a little disconnected from the passion you once felt for your life? This month is the perfect time to set an intention to reconnect and refine your values. What do we mean when we say values? Those things that are most important to you that when living in alignment with them, you are feeling your most vibrant and alive. So what are your values… family, health, creativity, fun, nourishment? Only you can answer that question...

Often times when we have disconnected from the things that matter most to us, our sense of inner security gets a little bit shaken… we aren’t making time for the things that really matter and are giving away parts of ourselves and our energy in a way that doesn’t fit. Take some time to get clear on what you need most to ensure that you are creating space for those things as much as possible. By finding a balance between what you feel like you need to do and what you want to do is the key to keeping your in spark on fire!

Virgo & Virgo Rising


How can you make peace with letting go of control and just going for it?

Don’t worry, it’s not just you… you really are buzzing this month! Just below the surface, there is something eager to come out but the question is, will you let it? As someone who naturally expects precision, perfection and a plan, Mars hanging out in your home sign might feel a little uncomfortable. Its impulsive, passionate and eager to get things going… it is the planet of the warrior after all. 

So how does someone that thrives on practical decision making dance and make peace with the idea of just going for it… or letting go of control? That’s what you’re being asked to find out this month. 

As the month begins, set the intention of letting go and seeing what following your instincts feels like. As the month progresses, if you find you are having difficulty with it, or are just feeling like your being stretched out of your comfort zone, take some time to reconnect with your core values and you just may find that those very impulses are your soul’s way of getting you back on track after a few months of burn out.

Libra  & Libra Rising


How can you be a little more graceful with yourself?

You’ve had a lot going on lately which may have you feeling burnt out, exhausted and generally irritated from time to time. Typically when life gets a little crazy, it’s not uncommon for your inner dialogue to pick up and remind you of where you think you might be lacking, how you could be doing better or where you are less than “perfect”. Remember, thoughts become things and when we give energy towards our thoughts, our mind likes to make believe that they are facts. There is no such thing as perfection, which may be on your mind this month with so many planets hanging out in Virgo, which just happens to fall in the innermost part of your chart.

This month, spend some time focusing on redirecting your self talk in a positive direction. Our brains are wired to go towards what is comfortable, so after what could be an entire lifetime of being critical of yourself, know that it will take time and effort to make a new thought pattern, but you can do it and deserve it! Would you ever talk to your closest friend the way you talk to yourself? If you want to be really proactive, pull out a journal and write out your anxious thoughts… then see how you can give it a newer positive perspective. The writing will bring awareness to what you are saying while the positive perspective will help you start to reframe it! You’ve got this!

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising


How can I make the most of the “free” time that I have?

Just as summer is coming to an end, it is likely you are feeling like your time is no longer your own and the hustle and bustle of everyday life is picking up. Is it just you or are all the groups you find yourself a part of suddenly in need of your time, attention and energy? Whether it be co-workers, extended family, your larger group of friends - they all need something and you’re feeling like you have to be a part of it.

With the concentration of planets in Virgo this month, there is likely a part of you that feels guilty for not being there when others need you, but don’t forget that every “yes” is a no somewhere else. Like Scorpio, Virgo likes to be in control - so while you may be feeling like you “have” to be more of a social butterfly than normal, you can remain in control by penciling in time for yourself and the things that matter most to you. By being somewhat selective, you can ensure you’re less likely to burn out and by the full moon on the 14th, you may find you’re having more fun than you could have expected.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising


Where will it benefit me to plan ahead?

While typically you tend to be more of a go with the flow type of person, the new moon has you feeling ready to plan out some changes you would like to make in your life.  Whether it be within your career, education, family, location or even where you go on vacation next year - you have the motivation to set yourself up for success and truly “adult”.

Afraid you’ll change your mind or miss out on something else by committing too soon? As a rule of thumb, if it's something you are feeling passionate and excited about, chances are you are making the right decision by getting started now. By the time the full moon comes around, you may just find that the universe has lined you up with just the right people to help you begin to bring these goals to life. Be open to whatever that may look like - whether it’s through their assistance, book recommendations or just giving you advice, it’s all helping!

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising


How can I better invest myself in the long term?

As a Capricorn, you tend to already be a creature of habit and routine, but with all the Virgo energy lighting up your chart, you may just find yourself focusing on setting yourself up for a better future. Set your sights on the long term by evaluating how you can better serve and show up as you pursue your passions, deepen your relationships, prepare your finances for the long haul as well as setting yourself up to meet your career goals! Virgo energy is all about perfection and precision, which means you’ll have exactly what you need to evaluate these areas of your life with a fine tooth comb! Have you been on the fence about making some changes or looking for the motivation to finally tackle some things on your “someday” to-do list? Now's the time!

After spending the beginning of the month getting clear on just how you want to better prepare yourself for the future, don’t hesitate to start learning about how you can bring these things to life around the full moon. Pick up a book on finances and investments, investigate professional development opportunities or even look into the relationships you find yourself in... do you see them growing with you? 

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising


Is there such thing as perfection in another person?

Is there such thing as perfection? Chances are, when this question is posed to you you’re instant response is “no”. As an Aquarius, your trademark quality is your appreciation for what makes every person unique, but when it comes to the people in your life (or even the people you are trying to call into your life) are you giving them that same grace? While there is a balance between expecting others to put in as much effort as you do in your relationships, it is time for you to pay attention to where you might be setting the bar too high.

With so many planets in Virgo this month, which just so happen to be hanging out in your relationship house, you may just find that you are extra aware of how much pressure you are putting on yourself to find the perfect person or expect the most out of the people around you. You do deserve the best, but remember you are human and have flaws too. This is the month to start putting that into practice.

Pisces & Pisces Rising


How can you and your partner better take care of each other?

As a Pisces, your compassion and empathy for others runs deep which may leave you feeling depleted when you aren’t even realizing it. As the month kicks off with a new moon, take this time to evaluate your deepest relationships and see how you can better serve and take care of each other. Where are you giving too much? In what part of your everyday life are you feeling the most drained and finally ready to admit you need help? Try hanging back and letting your loved ones meet you in the middle.. And don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings. Part of being in a relationship, no matter what kind, is about compromising and being there for each other when you need it most. Sometimes balance is about letting things be out of balance and it’s time for you to kick off the ground and let the other side of the see saw down.

By the time the full moon falls in your home sign, you may just start to feel back in alignment and ready for “normal” life to resume… but with a little more help now than before!

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Here’s to a great month!



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