Perspective is a powerful thing…

It can be the difference between seeing our flaws as our strengths, go from being stuck into creating endless opportunity and gaining a completely new outlook on your life’s purpose and greatest lessons.

It can be confusing to face who we really are, especially when we live in a world surrounded by people who help us paint a picture in our minds of who they think we need to be.

Astrology tells our story… we might as well read it


So who am I?

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Astrology Resources

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Work with me

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“The birth chart was a pivotal moment in my coaching experience. For the first time in my life, I had a deep understanding for traits about myself that I have always thought just made me irresponsible or flaky. Learning more about why I am wired the way I am and how it can be a good thing, made me automatically more accepting of myself - flaws and all.”