The charts I’ve gotten to read…

are the charts of incredible women who were ready to remember and love the person they came into this life to be


Katie Kurtz

Connector, Coach & Teacher

"Brittany's bright light encapsulates everyone she encounters and leaves them feeling seen, heard and empowered. As a coach, she has an incredible gift of being able to beautifully intertwine astrology to help her clients awaken to the possibilities that are written in the stars so they can live their best life.  

Brittany's kindness is infectious and the moment you enter her presence, you feel her authentic warmth and deep passion to elevate others.  It was such an honor to collaborate with Brittany and witness her in action as she shared her shine through astrology.  Brittany creates a space that allows each woman to be fully seen in her own light while also uniting the group together through our shared desire to lead a brave and soulful life. 

I am truly inspired by Brittany's immense passion and knowledge that creates a platform unlike any other to understand the true meaning behind our cosmic presence and how it can guide us to show up fully and powerfully in our lives. "

"When we first started working together, I was feeling incredibly lost. I had just completed a life coaching course and was feeling guilty for being pulled in a different direction in regards to my business. I was disappointed in myself and also felt like nothing was working because I was forcing it. I knew it was time to work with Brittany when my course had ended and I didn't feel much more clear on my vision for myself and my life as I did nearly a year ago.

The birth chart was a pivotal moment in my coaching experience. For the first time in my life, I had a deep understanding for traits about myself that I have always thought just made me irresponsible or flaky. Learning more about why I am wired the way I am and how it can be a good thing, made me automatically more accepting of myself - flaws and all.

Following our coaching series, the biggest change I saw was my ability to be gentle with myself. It taught me to talk to myself with kindness and understanding. I can now appreciate learning about what is not working for me as much as I appreciate figuring out exactly what does work."


Abra Said

Life Coach, Blogger & Event Planner


Kate Farrell

Health & Wellness Coach

"When we first connected I was feeling anxious and confused. I was still coming to terms with leaving my old life behind. I felt like my life had been turned upside down. I was in a place where I was questioning everything; who I was, what my legacy will be, how I could make a difference, why I can’t apply mascara with my mouth closed, where I want to live, how was I going to find a job that is aligned with my values. The list went on and it was overwhelming. 

I was blown away at the accuracy of my birth chart. In that first session alone I felt so much clearer about my purpose and why I was experiencing my unique life lessons. I felt comforted hearing how my health, my career and my relationships were all part of the bigger picture of what I’m here to learn. The biggest change I witnessed within myself was the strong sense of clarity I felt around who I am here to serve. I discovered a place of inner calm that helped me to make peace with why I am experiencing everything I am going through. 

I loved having my birth chart interpreted by you. It was the birth chart that provided a compass for me to understand why I am feeling the way I am. It made so much sense to me that there are so many elements in my life and personality that are intertwined. I have already recommended to some of my friends that they need to get their birth chart read! Whether you believe in astrology or not, being open to understanding how the different areas of your life are connected help you grow and set goals!"


Sophie Wood

Social Media Teacher

"I had never worked with an astrologer before but I knew that there was so much information that I could get from a birth chart. I’d been wanting to do one for ages and have always loved Brittany's work.

I’d just been through the birth of a big, creative project and I was seeking some guidance for what was next. I have always felt like I’m here to do something big but those thoughts began to make me feel paralysed and overwhelmed so I was seeking some guidance to support me in my next steps. After seeing a post on Instagram about a chart reading, I just knew that it was the right time.

Prior to my session, I felt excited and curious. After the session, a lot of things changed for me. It felt uneasy for a little while but I can see how everything was falling apart to come back together in a more aligned way. And even in the chaos, I moved through it knowing and truly understanding myself.

Don’t waste anytime thinking about it! It’s so worthy of the investment!”