Astrology: An introduction

There is an old saying that goes “ As above, so below”. In astrology, this means that whatever is happening in the sky can be felt and witnessed down here on earth. If you aren’t sure how you feel about that, take a moment to think about how we are impacted by full moons and solar flares?

What many people don’t realize about astrology is that we are far more than our sun sign. In true astrology, every single planet carries a different energy and plays a very specific role in our life and the development of who we are. How is that energy determined? It’s imprinted into who we are based on where everything was located in the sky the moment you were born… as above, so below.

So when we look at it like this, this blueprint, or as we can formally call it, your birth chart, can provide invaluable knowledge in helping you understand your passions, your quirks, how you view yourself, how other people view you… even what you came here into this life to learn!


Why get your birth chart read?

You’re looking for direction….

Astrology can do a phenomenal job in providing you guidance on where to take life to next. Perhaps your questioning something.. A career, a relationship, a goal? Being able to have something reiterate why you feel a certain way can give you the push you need to take the next step in bettering your life.

You want to see yourself for who you really are…

Have you ever read something you wrote so many times that you miss errors or misspelled words? Thank goodness for spellcheck am I right? I feel like that is how we can be towards ourselves sometimes… We spend so much time in our heads that it's easy for us to look completely past what makes us unique or how to look at our life events in a different way because we are constantly on autopilot. A birth chart reading is life’s “spell check”. It highlights the parts of who you are and your life that deserve your energy and focus.

You’re ready to fall in love with who you really are…

I am a true believer that our weaknesses are really our strengths hiding behind the wrong perspective. When we aren’t feeling love towards ourselves, it is often because we are looking at a part of who we are in the wrong way. It’s easy to hate how we react to something when we feel like it doesn’t match how we think we SHOULD be. As Albert Einstein once said, “God doesn’t roll dice with the universe”. Astrology has this beautiful way of showing us that we are exactly who we are for a reason… what’s not to love about that?

But wait…..

Astrology is weird.

I can see why you might be thinking that, I used to think it too. But after what felt like years of constantly questioning the meaning of my life, I decided to open my mind up to anything that might help me gain clarity… and well, now here I am!

Astrology is fake.

Of course I am biased, but for me, the more I learned about astrology, the louder the evidence of its accuracy became. I agree, it doesn’t predict the future and it can be vague, but its real purpose lies in giving you direction and the opportunity to see yourself in both the dark and the light, and to accept yourself and choose to become the best you, you can be. Knowledge really is powerful.

Birth Chart Reading

Together we will read and translate the story the stars have written for you. This package includes:

  • Questionnaire to prompt

  • 60-90 minute birth chart reading and recording

  • Unlimited email support for two weeks following the session

    $99 USD


Energetic Update

Not only do our birth charts tell our story, the current locations of the planets can also play a key role in the way your life unfolds as time passes. Together, we will dive into the transits you are undergoing and discuss ways to make the most of the time! This package includes:

  • Question to prompt

  • 60 minute skype session covering upcoming planet transits (a.k.a. where the planets will be in relation to their location in your birth chart

  • Unlimited email support for two weeks following the session

    *Only available to those who have had their birth chart read by me



Birth Chart + Coaching Sessions

We uncover a lot of information during a birth chart reading... so much that I am often asked after our session, "Where do I begin?". If you know you are ready to make changes and start living the life you came here to live, this package is perfect for you!

  • An astrological birth chart reading spread out over the course of our time together

  • 6 x 1 hour bi-weekly video coaching sessions focused on bringing your chart to life

  • Unlimited email support during our series and additional support for two weeks following our time together

  • Worksheets and other tools to help you uncover your best you!

$180 USD Per Month OR $360 USD in full

Let's start with a complimentary consult:

I offer a free 30 minute call where we can chat about how you are currently feeling about yourself and your life, where you're feeling stuck and how we can make you fall in love with you again! There is no commitment after this call, it's just a chance for us to see what my work can do for you and if Im the gal to help you get where you want to be!